Save every day.

Save a little bit every day just by using your debit card. Simply add Make$ents to your checking account, then swipe your debit card and watch your savings account grow! We’ll make even more cents for you by matching 15% of the transferred amount. 1

Free with your Piedmont Federal Debit Card.

Each time you use your debit card for your purchases, the transaction is rounded up to the next nearest dollar. At the end of the day the total amount from all of your transactions is automatically transferred to either your statement savings or youth savings account.

To get started, you will need:

For example, here’s how it works:

$27.24 $28.00 $0.76
$22.07 $23.00 $0.93
$8.55 $9.00 $0.45

1 Other standard account terms, conditions and fee schedule still apply. Terms of the program are subject to change without notice. Matching amount is taxable. $300 maximum match per year.



To report lost or stolen
debit or ATM cards call