The Piedmont Home Equity Line of Credit

Updating your kitchen? Need money for a new car? Seeking a little extra cash to help with college tuition or expenses? Or just want to consolidate debt? If so, then the Piedmont Home Equity Line of Credit may be right for you.

Enjoy the flexibility of using your home equity line for multiple projects or cash needs. This revolving, open-ended loan allows you to borrow the funds, repay and borrow again.

Home Equity Line Features

Finance up to 85%1 of your home’s value (primary residence or second home).

Credit line amounts range from $10,000 to $500,000.

Standard loan costs paid by Piedmont Federal2. No maintenance fees, no prepayment penalties and interest only payments during the draw period.

The loan rate is the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal and will vary, but will be no less than 3% or greater than 16%.

The interest you pay on your equity line may be tax deductible. (Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.)

With our home equity line, you’ll have the ability to access funds, up to the amount of your credit limit, by simply writing a check or transferring funds to your Piedmont Federal checking account through online banking. No office visits, no waiting – use the money you need, when you need it, and pay it back on a monthly basis.

The minimum draw amount is $300.

You can also use the Piedmont Home Equity Line of Credit as overdraft protection for your Piedmont Federal checking account.

The ability to open an equity line is subject to loan approval and a current appraisal.


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1 Excludes manufactured housing and rental properties. Loan limits apply.

2 Borrower may be responsible for title insurance cost and/or attorney fees in excess of $150. Borrower is responsible for all fees associated with temporary financing.


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